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Too predictable

The Breakdown - B. A. Paris

Last year I enjoyed the Behind Closed Doors, and I was hoping that this book would be as good or better, but sadly it didn't surprise me. I found the main character very annoying with her getting so paranoid over little thing, but then later on I started to feel bad for her. The phone call scene kept repeating over and over again, which can get pretty boring. I figured out the ending about 1/4th through the book. I am one of those readers who can guess what happen early on in the story, and it takes a really good suspense to keep me on edge of my seat. The book was an entertaining and quick read, but it's just a bit too predictable for me. I'd still recommend it to those who enjoy reading psychological thrillers.

Secrets of Southern Girls: A Novel - Haley Harrigan

he author’s writing was beautiful,  but the book took me a while to read because the story was slow and it doesn’t pulled me in. I was hoping for more suspense that’ll keep me turning the pages, but there were hardly any and I had already figured out what happened about halfway through the book. Also, I didn’t feel any chemistry between the characters.


I received this copy from NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.

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